I enjoyed a recent visit to the Andy Warhol exhibition at The Hugh Lane Gallery, more than that, I found the ‘after taste’ of the work strong and lasting.  The phrase “repetition adds up to reputation”* quoted in the exhibition literature captured my interest and I began to wonder how I might apply the principle of repetition to my own practice.  So, I gave myself the challenge of selecting a ‘motif’ from my figurative work and re-presenting it in 10 different forms.  I’ve only included the variations I like here – the ones I didn’t like or sabotaged are consigned to the ‘learning’ pile.

I thank Arts Office, Offaly County Council for their support of this exploration through the Professional Artist Support Scheme.

*Donna de Salvo ‘God is in the details: The Prints of Andy Warhol’; Freyda Geldman and Jorg Schellmann ‘Andy Warhol Prints: A Catalogue Raisonne’.