Bramber Studio

Bramber Studio

Bramber Studio is an art and
design studio for painting classes
and picture framing

Bramber Studio is an art and design studio near Birr in County Offaly, run byHazel Greene and Cyril Stanley.

We hold art classesthroughout the year for beginners as well as the moreexperienced painter. The atmosphere is relaxed and social; all the materials youwill need are provided in the price so you don’t need to worry about what tobring along. Classes are taught by Hazel; you can choose your own subject towork on or follow the selected step-by-step painting. Like handwriting, everyonehas their own style; it’s not our aim to change someone’s natural painting stylebut to suggest techniques and approaches, or just provide a comfortable place towork.

Cyril offers a bespoke picture framingservice; you can choose from themoulding and mount board in stock, or order from the extensive catalogueavailable. Cyril has 15 years’ experience in selecting frames to compliment yourpiece and a computerised cutter to achieve the perfect finish.

STATEMENT: Cyril Stanley, framer

When a customer comes to my workshop, I love the interaction and discussion of what we might do to complement this piece of art.  Whether the piece being framed is an expensive painting, a paper cutting or poster, each piece needs to be treated with care because it is special to its owner, this is why it was brought to be framed in the first place.

Cyril established his framing workshop at Bramber Studio in 2005, investing in a computerised mount-cutter, which offers precision cutting of the highest standard.  For bespoke framing, call Cyril on 087 2889616.